Calculate Fuel Savings with Av-Tekk

According to most OE Manufacturer's Specifications, charge-air coolers that show a static pressure drop greater than 5 PSI in a 15 second test, beginning at 30 PSI, should be replaced. Av-Tekk's new CAC Test Kit provides tools for you to safely determine whether any CAC passes or fails the manufacturer's test. Use the form below to see how much you could save when switching to Av-Tekk from a leaking cooler.

Select Engine Brand:
Cummins (ISB,ISC,N14)
Cummins (ISX, M11)
Detroit Diesel

Note: The calculations used in this form assume that you have a leaking charge-air cooler, and based on those assumptions you could be losing money unless you switch to a new Av-Tekk HD charge-air cooler today. However, to truly see if you are losing money via a leaking charge-air cooler please have your's tested at one of our distributor's locations today using the Quick Check Leak Test Kit.

Signs That Your Cooler is Leaking:

Loss Of Engine Power
Increased Fuel Consumption
Elevated Soot Levels in the Oil
Premature Piston, Ring, and Valve Failure
Turbocharger Failures
Elevated Coolant Temperatures
Exhaust Manifold Failure